L’Œil de la Photographie, french magazine!

28mm Summilux, Chris Lavaud, color, instinctive, Leica, Paris, Photography, Street photography

October 2016. Starting from Toulouse, in the south west of France, I had a precise idea about the series of photos that I was going to undertake in Paris. First of all, I was not in an unknown city, she saw me born and I worked there for about fifteen years. However, despite all these years spent in Paris, I had never taken the time to observe it, to photograph it, to see it move, to live it simply.
Arriving very quickly my project took shape. Through my vision, I captured this Parisian peculiarity and it revealed itself immediately in all of my photos. I always got used to checking my work on the back of my case. By scrolling through the images, I rediscovered the Parisian identity, the behaviors, the ambiances, the titi-parisiens in their daily lives. At every street corner, an encounter was unlikely and my eye remained stuck to the case. I watched with tenderness all those unknowns, all those people who were circulating in front of me. I took advantage of a clear morning and continued my quest for beautiful images in the 1st arrondissement. At that moment, I wanted to bathe in this special light of October to decipher all the secrets of Paris.
My desire to go close to the Parisians finally allowed me to discover places and streets that were previously unknown. A special atmosphere enveloped this unique city and I laid my gaze full of tenderness on these anonymous people crossed during these three days. The colors of autumn were beautiful in Paris.
Chris Lavaud



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