Tribute to Tim and Chris

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In this April 20, I could only pay a sincere tribute to two great photojournalists too quickly disappeared. Timothy Alistair Telemachus “Tim” Hetherington, British-American, born December 5, 1970 and Chris Hondros, American, born March 14, 1970. They were war correspondent and photojournalist, they died April 20, 2011 in Misrata in Libya.

– Tim Hetherington was often described as a conflict photographer, his mission has never been so simple: “Trying to understand my own fascination for conflict and war has become something that begins to focus on what it means to be a man. What about the war that really attracts men?”


Tim Hetherington’s inventory of work and awards tells the story of an intrepid journalist and filmmaker who has tackled conflicts and humanitarian problems at the highest levels; He was recognized as a committed activist for human rights and a visionary for the problems he addressed. He was an innovator in the media he used to describe what he saw. Tim Hetherington is best known for the documentary film Restrepo (2010), which he co-directed with Sebastian Junger. The film was nominated for the Best Documentary Film Oscar in 2011. He also received two Emmy’s, World Press Photo magazine and an eclectic list of clients including ABC TV, Vanity Fair and Human Rights Watch.

Tim is part of the Magnum agency.


– Chris Hondros has received dozens of awards including multiple accolades from World Press Photo in Amsterdam, the International Photos of the Year Contest, Visa Pour L’Image in France and the John Faber Award from the Overseas Press Club. In 2004, Hondros was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Spot News Photography for his work in Liberia. In 2006, he won the gold medal Robert Capa, the highest honor of war photography, for his work in Iraq. He was also named “Heroes of Photography” 2007 by American Photo magazine, and was a finalist for the 2008 National Magazine Award.

Tim and Chris were killed by mortar shells fired by Libyan forces when they covered the 2011 Libyan civil war. You can find more information about these two great war photographers on their personal websites and on Magnum photos:

Unfortunately, I only have a book on Tim’s work, here is an excerpt from «Infidel».

Sources: Magnum and personal sites.


Tribute to William Klein

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This post is devoted to William Klein, whose birthday is Wednesday, April 19th. Born in 1928 in New York’s Manhattan neighborhood, he is a painter, visual artist, and above all, fashion and street photographer, author-photographer, fiction filmmaker and publicist. William Klein is an American citizen but he lives and works in Paris, I will not give you the exact address of his residence, but he certainly lives in the arrondissement I prefer in Paris.


I present today in this post a book dedicated to Paris, my birthplace and which visibly seduced William Klein who discovers Europe and Paris doing his military service in 1948. “Paris + Klein” is therefore a book where the artist recounts his taste for disorder and his fascination for Paris, his adopted city. Probably a tribute of William Klein to the french capital. This book contains 345 pages with full color photos and full-color black and white. In 2002, “Paris + Klein” came out of the printing press and with this book a lot of photos on various events and Parisian figures between the years 1960 to the 2000s. A beautiful book for the lovers of William Klein and Paris of course.

Happy birthday Mr. Klein.


Interview in The Inspired Eye Photography Magazine

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The spontaneity by Chris Lavaud



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Street photography

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