Tribute to William Klein

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This post is devoted to William Klein, whose birthday is Wednesday, April 19th. Born in 1928 in New York’s Manhattan neighborhood, he is a painter, visual artist, and above all, fashion and street photographer, author-photographer, fiction filmmaker and publicist. William Klein is an American citizen but he lives and works in Paris, I will not give you the exact address of his residence, but he certainly lives in the arrondissement I prefer in Paris.


I present today in this post a book dedicated to Paris, my birthplace and which visibly seduced William Klein who discovers Europe and Paris doing his military service in 1948. “Paris + Klein” is therefore a book where the artist recounts his taste for disorder and his fascination for Paris, his adopted city. Probably a tribute of William Klein to the french capital. This book contains 345 pages with full color photos and full-color black and white. In 2002, “Paris + Klein” came out of the printing press and with this book a lot of photos on various events and Parisian figures between the years 1960 to the 2000s. A beautiful book for the lovers of William Klein and Paris of course.

Happy birthday Mr. Klein.



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Thirty-three years ago, on 19 March 1984, Garry Winogrand, the American photographer who died in Tijuana, Mexico. For the last post of the week, I pay tribute today to this great photographer. Born in 1928 in New York, he was famous for his black and white snapshots portraying an eloquent portrait of the United States. From the 1950s until the early 1980s, Garry Winogrand is undoubtedly one of the great masters of street photography with Robert Frank, Saul Leiter, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans…


My reference book is certainly that of Garry Winogrand, a book of 464 pages containing more than 400 black and white photographs. This book was published by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) on the occasion of the Garry Winogrand exhibition organized by Leo Rubinfien with Érin O’toole and Sarah Greenough in 2013. If you have the opportunity to possess this book, I advise you warmly, it features only exceptional photos.


Death suddenly at the age of 56, Garry Winogrand left us thousands of images of an authentic America on a not so distant era, in any case for me! Thanks for all your Garry pictures.

Three years already! Tribute to Saul Leiter

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Saul Leiter was a contemporary American photographer, he left us on November 26, 2013 in New York. He had been one of the pioneers of color photography while at the time only black and white was worthy of interest. He was widely known for his work as a street photographer but he was nevertheless extremely famous for his fashion photos. In the street, he was always looking for moments and fleeting scenes while looking for original frames. Saul Leiter also liked the blur, the mist and above all the anonymity of the passers-by. There are several works dedicated to this great photographer including “Early Color” that I particularly recommend. I consider him personally as one of the greatest street photographers of the 20th century.


Happy Birthday Robert Frank

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Robert Frank is an American photographer and documentary filmmaker of Swiss origin, born November 9, 1924 in Zurich. His most notable work is the book published in 1958 titled “The Americans”. It will happen in 1947 in New York and his words will be:

“March 1947 I arrived in New York A new life begins I thought.. I’m lucky.”

You will find lots of information about this great man of street photography on the web. I respect the man and the admirable work done for many years, it is profoundly human.
Happy Birthday Sir.




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I wished to honor with a personal photo taken in London, American photographer Bill Cunningham died on June 25th, 2016 in New York. It will photograph every day for forty years, the style of New Yorkers clothes and work as a fashion photographer for The New York Times. Bill, thank you very much for your street photography and fashion. In reviewing Bill.